Stars of stage and screen support Hidden Men of Modern Slavery Campaign!


Nineteen household names from across film, television, sport and literature have come together to support our latest campaign Hidden Men of Modern Slavery.

British icon Stephen Fry, TV presenter Dr Ranj Singh, celebrity chef Ken Hom, soap stars Rudolph Walker and Charlie Condou, TV personality Mr Motivator, Hollywood actors Steven Mackintosh (Underworld), Jacob Dudman (The Last Kingdon), Andy Secombe (Star Wars), and Vincent Franklin (The Bourne Identity), boxer Johnny Nelson, darts champion Bobby George, Gogglebox’s Tom Malone Jr, Great British Bake Off’s Selasi Gbormittah, broadcasters Adam Henson, Pat Sharp, and Rob Bell, Married at First Sight’s Matt Jameson, and YouTuber Chris Cowlin, have all contributed to a video aimed at highlighting the plight of male modern slavery victims.

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Of an estimated 136,000 people living under modern slavery conditions in the UK right now, up to 100,000 will be men.

These victims, usually hidden in plain sight, are subjected to forced labour, exploitative working conditions, forced criminality, and domestic servitude, usually under threat of violence against them or their families, and often under the guise of paying off a debt.

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Stephen Fry, said: “The statistics around modern slavery in the UK are truly startling, and modern slavery does not discriminate.  Anybody can be at risk of trafficking and exploitation, regardless of age, gender or nationality.  I am proud to be involved in Causeway’s Hidden Men of Modern Slavery campaign to raise away of this.”

Vincent Franklin, Happy Valley actor, said: “Causeway are such an important charity, supporting those that have been through some of the most appalling situations.  However, like all charities, they need our support.  I am honoured to have joined up with them for their Hidden Men of Modern Slavery campaign, to raise awareness of how trafficking and exploitation can affect anyone anywhere.”

Ken Hom, celebrity chef, added: "The number of people who find themselves trapped in modern slavery is truly heartbreaking and intolerable.  I am proud to have worked with Causeway on their Hidden Men of Modern Slavery campaign.  By all coming together we can start to create that change and make the world fairer and safer for all."

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