Who We Are

Causeway is a national charity that exists to support marginalised and vulnerable people to recover from trauma, protect them from further harm, and help them develop independent and fulfilling lives. This includes survivors of modern slavery and those caught in cycles of exploitation and crime.
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We are committed to educating and raising awareness of these areas as we advocate for a fairer and safer society. We do this through investing in research, national campaigning, fundraising, community and corporate engagement, training courses, and collaborating with local authorities, government officials, media and influencers.

Our modern slavery services support survivors of exploitation who have been referred into the National Referral Mechanism (NRM), as well as post-NRM support. The NRM is the government support system for people believed to be victims of exploitation and trafficking. This can include forced labour, forced sex work, forced criminality, debt bondage and domestic servitude.

Our criminal justice department run crime and violence reduction programmes for those committed to breaking their cycle of offending. Our trauma-informed approach to supporting those who commit crime has proved very successful in reducing rates of reoffending, which not only benefits the individuals involved, but the wider community as well.

Causeway has been supporting thousands of individuals to make progress and thrive for nearly 20 years. We offer a person-centred approach to trauma support, so that those on their recovery journeys feel seen and heard, but not judged or defined by their experiences.

Services we provide include, but is not limited to, safe houses, one-to-one specialist support, holistic crisis support interventions and community connection groups. We also signpost service users into counselling, training courses and volunteering and employment opportunities.