About Crime Reduction

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Our criminal justice programmes aim to reduce crime, exploitation and violence in our communities by working to address and resolve the reasons behind why people offend. Our teams work with people who have been charged with an offence, or who are at risk of offending, to address their issues prevent reoffending.

Crime, violence and anti-social behaviour are rarely spontaneous acts, but are the results of past traumatic experiences. This can include child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, substance misuse, poverty, homelessness and mental health crisis.

One study into the effects of adverse childhood trauma found that 84% of men in prison have experienced some level of trauma, while for women it is as high as 94.3%.

Causeway’s team work with services users to develop personalised support plans that address the issues that contribute to offending. This not only benefits the service user but also reduces the number of victims, and makes society a safer place for everyone.