Modern Slavery

Causeway puts survivor voice at centre of organisation by appointing former service user a Trustee


Causeway, previously City Hearts, has supported thousands of survivors of exploitation and human trafficking over our seventeen years’ existence, and we’ve always made a point of including survivor experience, feedback and voice in our research and policy creation.

However, this is the first time we have put a survivor of modern slavery at the very heart of our operations.

Mominul Hamid, known as MD, came to the UK from Bangladesh as a student. A few years later he was persuaded to enter into an arranged marriage in the UK, where he was promptly blackmailed, threatened and abused by his new father-in-law. MD was forced to work for free in his new family’s restaurant, and was assaulted, starved, and threatened when he complained. He was freed by police after he managed to call the modern slavery helpline from an unwatched landline.

MD was supported by Causeway case workers between 2019-2021, and has since been passionate about sharing his story, and raising awareness of modern slavery in the UK.

He is an enthusiastic volunteer within his local community, as well as a vocal advocate for the rights of refugees. He is now studying for a law degree in order to become an ambassador for other vulnerable people.

“My desire to follow a career in law stems from my personal experience of being a victim of slavery and trafficking into the UK,” said MD.

“Due to this incident in my life, I now suffer with sever PTSD, mobility problems and health conditions.

“I have experienced injustice in the system which has motivated me to study law. I also have a desire to work within the Bar, Court of Protection and legislation making, so I can represent the victims of slavery and trafficking in court proceedings going forward.

One of my ongoing campaigns focuses on access to higher education for asylum seekers. In 2018, my Judicial Review against the Home Office on human rights grounds was instrumental in pressuring the review of immigration bail restrictions, and re-writing  guidance related to asylum seekers’ right to study in 2018

“During the Covid pandemic I set up a food bank initiative (Md’s Little Help Food Bank), and I have won numerous national, community and charity awards for my work throughout my community.”

Causeway CEO Ed Newton, said: “We are delighted to have Mominul Hamid’s insight and expertise on our trustee board. Having a survivor of modern slavery on the Board ensures the charity is well placed to deliver best practice, and ensure its service users lie at the heart of decision making and policy. We hope MD’s appointment as trustee will bring a new dimension of thought and opinion to the board, as we begin our new chapter as Causeway.”