Criminal Justice

Causeway expands its crime reduction services

Plan B

Causeway are pleased to announce that we are expanding our crime reduction programmes in Merseyside to include new anti-social behavior, and domestic abuse initiatives.

Alongside Merseyside Police, and the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, Causeway has been running successful crime reduction programmes in the region since 2021. Our Merseyside Deferred Prosecution Scheme, which offers participants the chance to engage with a 12 week course rather than be prosecuted, has supported hundreds of people to turn their lives around, and greatly reduced the number of people re-offending.

Our holistic approach to crime reduction, which address the reasons behind offending, such as addiction, trauma, and mental health issues, has proved so successful, that the organisation has been selected to run two new initiatives in Merseyside.

ReFocus is an early intervention domestic abuse perpetrator programme funded by the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, and designed for first time offenders.

It will work in partnership with Liverpool based charity DMAT, who will run the ‘See the Signs’ course aimed at helping those who have committed domestic abuse, or who are at risk of becoming an abuser. 

A parallel course of support for victims of domestic abuse or coercive control will run alongside See the Signs.

It is hoped that by intervening early, the families, partners, and future partners of domestic abuse perpetrators will be protected from further harm.

Participants of the course will be referred through agencies such as the police or social services, and will learn to recognise the signs of abuse (including coercive and controlling behaviours), understand the damage it can have on families and relationships, and develop coping mechanisms for their behaviour.

Amy Bond, Causeway’s Chief Operating Officer said: “Our criminal justice staff are highly experienced and passionate about improving society for everyone. We believe that by working with the people who commit the crime, we improve the lives of people affected by crime, and as a result reduce the number of people hurt in society. The last few years have seen some really positive working relationships built between Causeway and Merseyside Police and Merseyside PCC, who believe in our model of providing holistic support that adds value to society.

“We can’t wait to get started with ReFocus as we’re confident the outcomes of the course will be a reduction in the frequency and severity of abuse; a reduction in risk posed by the perpetrator; and improved safety and protection for victims and their children, who will also have the chance to engage with a parallel programme of support.”

The second scheme Causeway will be involved with is Immediate Justice. Immediate Justice focuses on reducing anti-social behaviours and building community cohesion. Causeway’s  ‘Restorative Justice Practitioners’ will work with people who have taken part in anti-social or low level criminal behaviour to work towards making reparations, and address the factors behind the behaviour, such as trauma and personal history, to try and prevent the behaviour from happening again. The scheme is funded by the Department of Levelling-Up for Homes and Communities.

Stuart Otten, Causeway’s Head of Criminal Services, said: “Over the last five years we have worked tirelessly to create innovative services that seek to reduce crime and its impact by working to provide support to individuals who are at risk of first time offending or re-offending.

"At Causeway we are firmly committed to seeing the individual, not just their actions. This approach takes into account things such as childhood trauma and its impact on adult life. We believe this expansion of our service will allow us to help many more people turn their lives around and as a result bring many other added benefits into our communities.”