Asda donate £40,000 worth of bedding to modern slavery survivors

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More than 300 survivors of exploitation who are supported by Causeway's modern slavery services will benefit from a generous donation of bedding this year thanks to the team at Asda.

On hearing that we were in need of a constant supply of new homeware for the people living in our safe houses and those moving into the community, Asda rose to the challenge and delivered more than 4,000 items of duvets, duvet sets, blankets, and towels!

Jed Barr, Causeway’s LifeSupply Coordinator said: “Asda’s generous donation of more than £40,000 worth of stock means we can supply our fifteen safe houses, and people in our outreach programmes, with new bedding sets and towels for at least 12 months. The people who arrive into our service often have no belongings whatsoever, so it’s important to us that they are made to feel welcome and safe, and having brand new bedding helps us do that. When they move on from us, they can also take their bedding with them to help them set up their new home.”

The stock is being stored in our LifeSupply Hub at storage company StoreAway's Liverpool site, who are also one of our generous charity partners. The hub is where we store, sort and distribute our supply of toiletries, clothes, and homeware to all our service users.

Danielle Cairns, Modern Slavery Manager at Asda, said: “When we heard about the LifeSupply Hub, it was something Asda instantly wanted to contribute to as it’s a fantastic initiative which helps survivors of modern slavery feel comfortable when they enter safe houses. We connected with our Merchandising team, Asda logistics services, and our supply team, and it was amazing to receive confirmation that we could donate just over £40,000 worth of products such as bedding, towels, and blankets to give to people in need.”


To find out how you can become a charity partner and support Causeway, contact Jed at: [email protected]