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Donate, Download, Share: that was the message behind Network for Change, a campaign to raise money for the survivors of modern slavery in Causeway’s service.

We all know that lots of small actions can make big actions happen, that’s why we jumped at the chance to partner with Irish artist Ally Simpson when he reached out with an offer of support.

The painter and graphic designer, known online as @Super.Simbo, was moved by the stories of the recovery and resilience he heard from the people we support, and offered to create an original artwork that could be downloaded for just £1.

The piece, To make bright and clear your path, reflected the journey survivors of exploitation go on as they move through rescue and recovery, and on to independence and fulfilment.

We asked supporters of Causeway, and fans of Ally’s work to donate £1 to download the art, which could be used as digital wallpaper, or printed out, and then to share news of their donation on their social network in the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

Amy Bond, Causeway’s Chief Operating Officer said: “We’re thrilled that Ally agreed to collaborate with us and has been so generous with his time and skills. We hope that by only asking for £1 from supporters, and offering a gorgeous piece of art in return, we will show that together, our small change can make big change happen.”

Ally added: “Life is colourful but chaotic. Finding a pathway through the chaos can be challenging and those bright moments of hope are sometimes hard to reach. This work is inspired by the chaos, colour, glimmers of hope and those opportunities we find to be able make a bright and clear path for ourselves or for others. Once I found out more about the work Causeway does and the direct impact they have on people's lives, I felt really drawn toward the opportunity for collaboration and the chance to raise awareness with the people I know, as well as those who follow me on social media. The network of people we can reach with this campaign is potentially huge, it's very exciting to see how many people can benefit from a simple exchange of £1 for a piece of my artwork."