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At Causeway we put people before profits

Working with some of society’s most marginalised people isn’t your normal 9-to-5.

At Causeway we don’t chase profits or race to meet sales targets, but we do genuinely transform lives.

Our staff share a passion for change, and want to level the playing field for people society has turned its back on.

If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you!

Read on to find out more about our modern slavery and criminal justice departments, click the links to view our latest vacancies, or email [email protected] for any more information.

Careers are more rewarding at Causeway!

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Phuong – Modern Slavery Outreach Advocate
“I pursued a career in psychology because I wanted to help people and to make a difference. I was anxious at first that having a different background, being introverted, and not having English as a first language would put me at a disadvantage, but Causeway has given me the hope and courage to continue working in the field that I love."
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Ben Greaves- Head of Modern Slavery Services
“Causeway has been more than a workplace for me; it's a supportive community of like-minded individuals striving to do good. I have made lasting friendships and encountered people who share my passion for positive change. The positive culture at Causeway fosters an environment where everyone's voice is heard, and we support each other wholeheartedly.”
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Mark- Plan B Navigator
“As someone who seeks a deeper meaning to life’s experiences, Causeway is the perfect foundation for my work. This role has helped turn my past negative life experiences into a tool for better understanding the journeys of people who have made a series of less than desirable decisions. We keep the human touch whilst still having the necessary hard conversations that instigate change, and that means we have the benefit of seeing the process through, and coming to a point where it culminates not in a ‘sale,’ but rather in a life saved.”

Our Modern Slavery Services

Each year hundreds of survivors of human trafficking come through our doors. They’re often traumatised, bewildered, and broken.

Our front-line modern slavery advocates are there to build them back up again. Whether that’s by running our safehouses, working out in the community, hosting drop-in groups, or manning our phone lines, our modern slavery staff are always there to offer compassionate, practical and professional support.

And to be honest, it’s not always easy. Helping to ease the emotional burden of traumatised and isolated people can be tough, but the rewards of seeing people grow and blossom are worth it.

Every person we help back into work, into their own homes, into education, or just to grow in confidence to the point they can manage their own lives again, is a success story.

If you think you've got what it takes to help vulnerable people get back on their feet, check out our vacancies below.

Our Criminal Justice Services

Did you know that a large part of our organisation is dedicated to programmes that reduce crime and violence in our communities?

We work with people who have been charged with an offence, and collaborate with them to break the cycle of their offending. We believe that crime, violence and anti-social behaviour are rarely spontaneous acts, but are often the results of past traumatic experiences such as domestic violence, neglect, parental substance misuse, or poverty.

That’s why our advocates are trained to ask people about their lives, not their offence.

We’re passionate about addressing the reasons behind the offending, and we’ve found that it’s often issues that can be resolved with the right support, such as better housing, employment opportunities, anger management, mental health or addiction support.

By using their amazing people skills, listening without judgment, and offering a practical helping hand, our wonderful criminal justice staff help people who are rarely given a chance by society, move on with their lives.

And breaking the cycle of offending isn’t just good for them, it’s good for everybody.

Do you have what it takes to help people get their lives back on track and make our communities safer for everyone? Check out our criminal justice positions below.

There are lots of benefits to a career at Causeway!

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Paul – Safeguarding Lead
“Causeway have given me the space and support to grow beyond anything I ever dreamt was possible. The welfare of our service users and staff is our primary priority, and I am so happy to be with a charity that puts so much emphasis on this. This is absolutely the right job and the right organisation for me.”
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Rebekah- People and Culture Manager
“I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of a former service user last year. It was such a privilege to be invited and to be part of their big day. It really represents what I love about working for Causeway – seeing service users move forward and enjoying life.”
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Alison, Head of People and Culture
“At Causeway we ensure that all our employees have access to excellent resources and support within the workplace. Good staff support is essential if we are to provide high quality support to our service users, so making sure Causeway is a positive and supportive environment is one of our top priorities. Causeway staff have access to regular Peer Group Support sessions with a qualified counsellor, a weekly wellbeing hour so employee have the freedom to prioritise their own wellbeing in their working week, and access to staff networks to ensure that staff can find community within the workplace."
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