Christmas at Causeway

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Christmas 2022 saw Causeway shine a light on everything the staff were doing to make the festive season extra special for service users.

The campaign raised money for Causeway’s LifeLink service, which runs activities such as movie days, cooking sessions, arts and crafts, and sports events, with the aim of helping survivors feel a sense of community and raise their self-esteem.

Safe spaces are provided where service users can forget their troubles for a few hours, meet others with similar experiences, and support each other on their journey to recovery.

For many of the people we support, this was their first Christmas in years where they finally felt free and safe. Their first Christmas spent with people who care about them, and their first Christmas where they feel valued, heard and seen.

That’s why we wanted to give the people in our services a Christmas to remember.

A donation of just £5 at Christmas can help provide a survivor of slavery with a festive meal with friends. It can contribute towards the cost of a festive day trip or group meet-up, or could help buy gifts for the people living in Causeway’s safe houses.

Wellbeing events such as group meals, trips and activities help raise self-confidence and self-esteem in survivors who have often had their self-worth ground down after long periods of exploitation, abuse and fear.

The campaign encouraged the public to support a survivor of modern slavery at Christmas, and as a thank you we sent them a gorgeous ‘Christmas at Causeway’ bauble to hang on their tree!