Access is the term we use for our modern slavery accommodation and outreach services. Causeway runs fifteen safe houses for men, women and families who have escaped modern slavery, as well as outreach services for survivors living in the community.
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When I came to the safe house I was so ashamed, but the advocates showed me so much love, and care and compassion. The safe house became my family.

Access Service User

Everybody deserves to feel safe in their homes, and for many of the people arriving into our service, our safe houses will be the first time they have felt safe in a long time. When people arrive at Causeway, they are assigned an advocate, and are provided with their own bedroom, new bedding, toiletries, clothes and a mobile phone.

Their advocate will visit them each day to help them access healthcare, counselling and other support – including financial, legal, and housing advice – and apply for education or work if they are eligible.

Our service users are encouraged to be as independent as possible during their stay at a safe house, and are supported to attend college courses, explore the local area, and take part in activities within the community. We also host games nights and cooking evenings to help build relationships.

When someone is deemed independent enough to leave the safe house, they are signposted to alternative housing, such as through the local authority, or via the asylum system.