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Leia's story


"When I was in the cell after my arrest I was down and depressed. I was still angry about the whole situation, but then would break out in tears as well.

When I got out I had nowhere to go and nowhere to stay. At first I went into a B&B, but after my money ran out, I slept in the bus station.

At that time I had no clue how to resolve my issues. I didn’t see a way forward. I had thought of killing myself because I had no idea how to get the basics of a roof over my head sorted out.

I called the Plan B navigator who had approached me while I was in the cells. The first thing we did was get coffee and do paperwork. After that we started applying for emergency accommodation. Plan B took me to the housing offices as we were struggling to get any help on the phone. After completing necessary information with them, we had to wait for out of hours housing services. It was then confirmed I had been offered emergency accommodation.

While at the emergency accommodation I eventually acquired long term housing. I used this time to resolve my substance misuse issues, and have managed to remain clean for five and a half months now.

I’ve never had anywhere I can call my home before because my life has been unstable since I was 13 years old.

I feel I have a better, brighter future. I am looking forward to joining groups. I am looking forward to making my new house a home.

If I had never met a Plan B navigator in the custody suite, I know I wouldn’t be sitting where I am today."