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Staff Stories Ben
Head of Anti-Slavery Services
“Causeway has been more than a workplace for me – it's a supportive community of like-minded individuals striving to do good. I have made lasting friendships and encountered people who share my passion for positive change. The positive culture at Causeway fosters an environment where everyone's voice is heard, and we support each other wholeheartedly.”
Staff Stories Mark
Criminal Justice Custody Navigator
“As someone who seeks a deeper meaning to life’s experiences rather than the usual ‘how’s this weather’ level conversations, Causeway is the perfect foundation for my work. This role has helped turn my past negative life experiences into a tools for better understanding the journeys of so many people who have made a series of less than desirable decisions. Most importantly, keeping the human touch while having the necessary hard conversations that instigate change. Having the benefit of seeing the process through and coming to a point where it culminates not in a ‘sale’ but rather a life saved, a family changed and most importantly, a voice heard.”
Staff Stories Paul
Safeguarding Lead
“Causeway have given me the space and support to grow beyond anything I ever dreamt was possible. The welfare of our service users and staff is our primary priority, and I am so happy to be with a charity that puts so much emphasis on this. This is absolutely the right job and the right organisation for me.”
Staff Stories Phuong
Modern Slavery Outreach Advocate
“I pursued a career in psychology because I wanted to help people and to make a difference. I was anxious at first that having a different background, being introverted, and not having English as a first language would put me at a disadvantage, but Causeway has given me the hope and courage to continue working in the field that I love."
Staff Stories Rebekah
People and Culture Manager
“I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of a former service user last year. It was such a privilege to be invited and to be part of their big day. It really represents what I love about working for Causeway – seeing service users move forward and enjoying life.”