Our Values

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We respect the person
It starts with believing in people, seeing beyond their circumstances, being a champion for consistent support, and always being honest. We do what we say we will do, acting within boundaries as we respect people’s identities, voices and personal choices. Because for us, there is no mutual respect without self-respect.

We do things right
We never let being professional get in the way of our compassion. So, our approach is transparent, well-informed, and yet always personal. We take responsibility for our actions and are accountable to our high standards as well as those of others. This means we can be relied on to deliver excellence, and go above and beyond what’s required to do what’s really needed.

We create change
Diverse and open-minded, we always look for new, better ways to help and create the change we want to see in society. We’re approachable and welcome feedback, strengthening relationships as we consider people’s many perspectives. And we don’t wait for change but go towards it to respond to needs.

We come through together
United in our purpose, we overcome obstacles and stride towards positive outcomes. Our resilience gives us confidence to adapt and persist. We don’t give up on people, each other, or on our shared goals, and progress together.