Causeway welcomes arrival of new Government

Houses Of Parliament

We welcome the arrival of a new government and hope that fresh and ambitious leadership will mean the UK is once again a world leader in modern slavery support.

Causeway, and the modern slavery support sector, passionately believe that the UK should be a safe and welcoming environment for survivors of exploitation and human trafficking, and one that places psychological and physical safety of victims above all else.

We welcome the cancellation of the Rwanda deportation policy that would have harmed modern slavery survivors, and urge the new government to rethink all policies that are hostile to modern slavery survivors, and to create an environment where every survivor feels confident asking for help and pursuing justice.

In 2023, over 17,000 victims of human trafficking and modern slavery were referred for government support, but only 282 people were convicted for modern slavery offences.

Survivors of modern slavery need to feel confident they can approach authorities for help, and give evidence against their abusers, without risking arrest or deportation.

We urge our new leaders to renew their commitment to tackling modern slavery, both in the UK, and around the world, and to ensure the UK does not become a place where traffickers are able to act with impunity.

To do this, the new government must commit to increasing conviction rates for those committing this abhorrent crime, and ensure high-quality support remains available to survivors.